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What Type of Business We Can Register in Free Zone UAE?

Free Zone Business Activities

As outlined in our section on UAE Company Set-up Steps, one of the very first decisions to take in your journey towards incorporating a UAE free zone company, and any company in the UAE for that matter, is to select the most suitable business activity. This process is a very straightforward one, and did you know you can even select multiple business activities? In your initial free consultation with us we will help you identify the most suitable activity or activities for your business to ensure a seamless application process when it comes time to apply for your UAE trade license.

The categories below outline the business activities you can choose from when setting up your UAE free zone company with Emaraat Business Consultant. While our focus is mainly on consultancy and service-related activities, we are also able to support DED, offshore, commercial or general trading-related activities.

Industrial / Manufacturing

Industrial licenses cover manufacturing and the processing of raw goods. These activities often coincide with & without warehousing requirements.

Trading / Commercial

Trading activities can be related to any import or export related transactions.

Financial Services

You can get license with financial services activities with accounts, audit, documents and much more related activities.

Media & Marketing

This category covers an array of activities including advertising, Photo & videography, public relations, research, and much more.

Music & Entertainment

This category specifically relates to music production and recording, music promotion and management, music rights management, as well as theme parks management.


Publishing includes activities such as publishing of directories and guides, education and consumer books, magazines, newspapers, online and electronic content, and much more. Special approval from authorities will be required.

All Kind of Business Services

Furthermore, all kind of business services activities available for your desired business in UAE.


Consultancy covers a wide range of consulting activities including business consultancy, lifestyle consultancy, investment consultancy, legal consultancy, and human resource consultancy.

Event Management

Event management covers many activities, from conference organization and management, to theatre production, to sports management, to much more.

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