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Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

EMARAAT Help you to Build & Grow your Business in Offshore Industry in UAE

The term “offshore company” or “offshore corporation” is used in at least two distinct and different ways. An offshore company may be a reference to: a company, group or sometimes a division thereof, which engages in offshoring business processes.
Offshore Company Formation in Dubai and UAE:
The Environment of UAE business offers to the businessmen all the benefits of a highly developed and well reputed city of the world.
Among the facilities and benefits of an offshore company setup in UAE include;
Top international exhibitions and conference venues.
Inexpensive workforce and easy to all recruitment procedures.
Reliable power, utilities, facilities, grooming business industry etc.
Great hotels, hospitals, visiting place, malls, schools, colleges, universities and excellent life style.

Setup Your ''OFFSHORE COMPANY'' Worldwide

Business Setup in CANADA
Setup your offshore company in Canada jurisdiction with easy process.
Business Setup in CYPRUS
Setup your Offshore company formation process in Cyprus with us.
Business Setup in MALTA
Setup your Offshore company formation process in MALTA with us.
Business Setup in MAURITIUS
Setup your Offshore company formation process in MAURITIUS with us.
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Business Setup in FLORIDA
Setup your Offshore company formation process in FLORIDA with us.
Business Setup in HONG KONG
Setup your Offshore company formation process in HONG KONG with us.
Business Setup in NETHERLAND
Setup your Offshore company formation process in NETHERLAND with us.
Business Setup in SEYCHELLES
Setup your Offshore company formation process in SEYCHELLES with us.
Business Setup in SINGAPORE
Setup your Offshore company formation process in SINGAPORE with us.
Business Setup in SWITZERLAND
Setup your Offshore company formation process in SWITZERLAND with us.
Business Setup in PANAMA
Setup your Offshore company formation process in PANAMA with us.
Offshore setup in UAE
Setup your Offshore company formation process in UAE with us.

Offshore Company Formation and Bank Account Best solution for you to do your globally business, international trading for your business/brand growth & Development

Almost every business entity is looking for cost-effective way of doing international trading under one roof of Emaraat Business Consultant Group as a corporate body which secures the values of shareholder and at the same time obey the international business standards.
An offshore company formation in UAE is a good choice for every businessmen who want to protect its assets and fund raised internationally.
Emaraat Business Consultant Group in Dubai is a UAE-based company providing you end-to-end all corporate and business setup related solutions/services and complete process of setup Offshore company in Dubai and across the world.

Benefits of Offshore Company in UAE:

  1. Bank Account
  2. Internationally trading/invoicing
  3. Legal protection of business & Assets
  4. Tax Benefits
  5. Safe your Assets
  6. Complete certificates of registration
  7. Low operation cost

Popular and Common Business Activities for Offshore Business Setup

1-Investment Holding 2-International General Trading 3-Property Holding and Consulting Services

Why EMARAAT BUSINESS CONSULTANT for Offshore Company Formation in UAE ?

a- Dedicated and excellent Offshore Consultant in Dubai & UAE
b- 10 years of Market reliability
c- No hidden charges
d- Confidentiality & Privacy
e- Work with Registered Agent in UAE legally

Documents Required for OFFSHORE Company Setup in UAE

1- Passport Copy of each partner
2- Utility Bills from home country or anywhere in the world
3- Bank Reference from home country or anywhere in the world

A Businessmen / Entrepreneur has choice to decide an Offshore Company in UAE

Ajman Offshore Company Setup  |  Jabal Ali Offshore Company Setup RAK Offshore company setup

The benefits of Offshore Business Setup in UAE are;

1- No Any Corporate Tax
2- 100% Ownership
3- No Restriction on capital repatriation
4- No Income Tax
5- Easy access to key decision makers
6- No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas
7- UAE resident may hold shares in a RAK ICC Offshore company
8- International Services companies
9- Professional services company
10- Shipping and Ship management companies
11- Holding Company in UAE

There is no minimum capital amount required. Shares certificate must be issued within two months from the date of payment of the capital. Classes of shares are permitted.Shares may be issued fully, partially or nil paid.
A minimum of one shareholder is required and there is no limitations on the maximum. Also corporate shareholders are permitted. Meetings between shareholders should be held at least once in a year.
AED and US Dollar ($) can be used as the denomination for the capital . Any foreign currency is acceptable but prior consent has to be appoved by the RAK Investment Authority regarding this currency issue in UAE for establishing an Offshore company.
A minimum of one director is required and corporate directors are permitted for Offshore business setup in UAE. The number of directors can be fixed in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. For public inspection there is no director’s detail available. First director for Offshore company appointed by incorporators at incorporation time, and afterthat elected by the shareholder of company. In Offshore company any shareholder may be appoint as a director or a secretary.
The company’s director have all the powers of the company that are not reserved to the members under the regulation or in the memorandum.
Every RAk ICC offshore company is required to have a secretary, which is appointed by the shareholders for such period as the shareholders may detemine.
Accounts are not required to be filed with the Authority. Audited Accounts are not required, but they may be audited by persons approved by the directors.
All RAK ICC Offshore Companies are required to maintain the following registers:
(1) Register of Shareholders;
(2) Register of Directors and Secretary;
(3) Register of Meetings (shareholders, directors, committees);.
These are not available for public inspection, other than by members or directors. If copies of these registers and documents are kept other than by the registered agent, the registered agent must be notified of the location of the original.


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